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Hiya! 👋 I am Rebecca, a person and also a web developer living in Minneapolis but working wherever. I build websites and specialize in developing custom WordPress themes Squarespace websites.


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Do you have a Squarespace website that isn’t doing what you want it to do?

Looking to update something on your site but can’t quite remember how?

Ready to set up that online shop finally?

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A bit more about what I do

what I can help you do
  • Updating your current WordPress, Shopify or Squarespace website
  • Creating a new, responsive website from scratch on WordPress or with a template on Shopify/Squarespace
  • I can help you determine what platform will work best for your needs
  • Don’t know what you need help with or need help with a variety of things? Reach out, we can figure it out!
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currently working on
  • Building a new 2019 music website to track all my favorite albums of the year
  • Adding new features to an existing WordPress website
  • A Shopify website for a local furniture store
  • Building a custom WordPress e-commerce website for a client