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Squarespace is a great platform to build your online presence. You know this already though, that’s why you’ve chosen it!

While the platform is easy to use, it does take some time to learn and understand. I found that people like to build their own websites but can sometimes end up frustrated about layouts or have small bugs they can’t seem to fix.

I thoroughly enjoy answering questions and helping people get their Squarespace website up and running so in this 1-on-1 training, I will help you understand how the platform works, where to edit the correct content and designs, find improvements to the site and achieve your intended result.
If you are looking for someone to set up or maintain your website, I do that as well. Send me an email and let’s chat!

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1 hour


I’ll answer all your questions + show you some tips and tricks.

Local Minneapolis Only
This price is for 1-on-1 Squarespace help only. It does not reflect my hourly rate for private work.


here are some examples!

Squarespace Projects

These projects represent my skillset when it comes to the Squarespace platform. Some of these websites were made entirely by me and others just needed my help to get things started or finish things up.


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