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I am constantly working on new projects and would love to chat about my capabilities and my more recent sites.

2018 Albums

Favorite albums of 2018 (so far)

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I built this site on Wordpress, using a custom theme and ACF. The site was originally built on Squarespace but needed advanced features that WordPress offers. We kept the layout and designs the same and used bbpress to add login and chat capabilities.


May Ott Communications

The May Ott website is built on Squarespace with advanced code to add shapes, colors and depth to the look and feel of the site.


The Canopy Group

TCG was originally built on WordPress but after evaluation did not need the advanced functionality. I moved it to Squarespace for eaiser maintenece and responsive design.


Molly Yeh

I was in charge of implementing a new template and design to the already existing, extensive blog MyNameIsYeh.com


The Fargo Theatre

Built on Wordpress, the key to this site was to display which movies are currently showing, the times they are playing, a description of the movie, and in some cases the trailer. The top priority was that the managers of the theatre could log in and update the site as needed, which they have been able to do with ease.



This is a personal project using a custom WordPress theme with advanced custom fields. Everything is responsive and easily updated via the WordPress backend.

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Elsie Interiors
Minneapolis, MN


Narr Homes
Minneapolis, MN


The Gateway Mall
Bismarck, ND


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Front End Developer & Web Person

Living in Minneapolis, MN